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Welcome to the Soul Radiance Retreat, a deep immersion in revamping and realigning your soul foundation, towards living into your destiny.

As we begin the new millennium, many of us may have started feeling differently towards the things we have learnt or perceived about life, on success, education, relationships, the environment and how you truly feel about it compared to societal expectations. These feelings of individual identity, beliefs and personal definition of the world, could be rapidly arising to awareness within you, bringing you to the core of these under lying feelings, of who am I and why am I here - your life purpose.

Who are you and why are you in existence?

Simply, all of us have the same destiny, which is to experience love; an omnipresent kind of love and joy. The path towards this destiny differs for each individual, appearing in the form of personal life challenges, the difficult situations, the uncomfortable people, traumas or illnesses, failures and so forth. Life is not deliberately breaking you, rather life is inviting you to break through your barriers, heal old traumas and awaken your potential which you promised yourself, before this present existence.

What can potentially block you from living in alignment to your life path or simply the life you have always desired?:-

  • When you resist your life challenges, for these are the pathways to help you mature towards the person you are meant to be. Challenges are the initiation points which give you the tools needed for your continuing journey.
  • Living from a false foundation, a foundation built upon external influences, such as emotional patterns, ways of thinking and belief systems which originate from your family lineage, societal cultural conditioning, as well the education system.

A false foundation perceives who you should be, instead of who you could be.

What can happen when you start living from your true foundation, built from your personal truth and vision?

  • You start seeing your challenges in truth, for what they are here to offer you
  • Your mindset changes from thinking life catches you off guard
  • You are able to start distinguishing your personal truth apart from your family, culture, religious and societal beliefs you were born into
  • You are able to be self reliant and discerning towards external information
  • You are able to work towards the change you wish to see in yourself, and then the world, steadfastly

This begins with change, the law of nature is to continuously evolve, and even a rock changes under weather conditions. Your challenges are the change initiators in your life, and to start seeing change, you have to allow the process to occur. Change feels fearful or strange, because our current Earth’s energies are still evolving in the understanding of life and death, which keeps people holding on to a sense of guarantee, but the only guarantee in life is change.

Life will always direct you towards your destiny; however you can delay it for a period due to personal will. However continuous delaying will only lead to a build up of energy, think of it as outgrowing your clothing, at some point the seams will give way; this is known as the breaking point, where total collapse occurs.

Below are the ways or times, life may present your challenges:-

Intense initiation points

  • Astrological transit points - Saturn return: age 27-30, 56-60, Chiron return: age 49- 51
  • A major accident or surgery
  • Chronic or lifelong illnesses
  • Losing your materiel security; retrenchment of job, loss of a house due to natural disasters or finance related
  • Loss of a relationship; divorce, suicide or personal choice

Subtler initiation points

  • Unnamed restlessness towards life; which may bring an on and off depressive mood or intense anger
  • Unable to progress as desired in life; despite various methods, one keeps returning to point zero and ending up exhausted
  • Using addictive substances or behaviour as a distraction; shopping, smoking, or excess entertainment

The core of the Soul Radiance Retreat is to assist you in your life*#8217;s journey, by building a strong and flexible spiritual foundation and embracing the transformative power of life and death, metaphorically and physically.

This enables you to:-

  • Deconstruct old beliefs to rebuild your vision based on your truth
  • Develop discernment to confidently make decisions through balancing thinking and feelings
  • Understand how your energies run, and to flow with them optimally
  • Strengthening inner resilience, and dropping co-dependency on external figures
  • Rebuilding essential emotional skills which may have been absent in your childhood
  • Integrate your past challenges to gain the wisdom for your present and future growth
  • Developing sensitivity and understanding towards your inner timing alongside nature’s timing, thus allowing change to happen with little fear or resistance

How do we work together in co-transforming your lifs’s foundation?

Holistically, you are a whole organic living being thus a singular approach to one area does work, to a certain extent. These new energies are at a higher frequency, where one commonly feels elevated after the session, then it gradually drops and this is where you may question, "did this really work?".
The vessel and the content have to match closely, the frequencies are higher but your body may be not at it’s best, or it may be the opposite where your body is good, but the mind is not flexible, akin to trying to upload a lot of new data into an old server. Your whole system has to evolve to support the new frequencies you wish to receive; or you can find yourself having done a lot of healing modalities or mindset mastery, yet find yourself facing the same feelings just in different situations.

When we work on the physical, mental and emotional aspects while incorporating spiritual practices, this discourages spiritual escapism where one uses spirituality as a bandaid instead of healing one’s life on Earth. Energy is not just about chakras, meditation, connecting to the Divine, it is also your relationships, wealth, home and career, bridging these two brings holistic tangible fulfilment.

I invite you wholeheartedly to immerse yourself in this experiential retreat, which is not challenge free but rewarding, if you desire to start living life in alignment with your soul, and courageously begin to transmute old inherited wounds.

This is may not be best suited for you if you are looking for a ’guaranteed outcome’ for we are working towards opening up the pathways of possibility towards your destiny. Or if you wish solely for energy clearings. This is a foundational retreat which will require you to co-create with me actively, akin to a guide clearing your pathway, but you still have to walk the path.

I welcome you to schedule a complimentary no obligation conversation with me, or simply send an email with any questions you have to
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With all of my love,

Metaphysical Medium & Soul Transitionist

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