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Welcome to the Soul Brilliance Retreat, a softening journey into a child’s potential by strengthening their unique soul pathway in this world.

As we begin the new millennium, quite a number of you would have noticed your child or children could be very different in temperament from you or the family lineage. Some even totally opposite in their way of thinking and feeling, and you might find that parenting them traditionally can cause mutual frustration.

Traditional parenting methods from the old paradigm, mirrors the similar parenting methods you were raised in which was passed down from your parents, and their parents, based on cultural, ancestral and societal dictates. The former focuses on uniformity, compared to the present which strives for personal individuality, and this is where the mismatch of energy happen. The issue is not necessarily between the child and the parent, but in the method of relating.

If you feel your relationship with your child is conflicted, triggering or emotionally disconnected, I would like to invite you to feel into this statement, 'a child is not an extension of you, but an individual in their own right', just as you are. No parent wishes to see their child struggle in life and you may unconsciously impose certain ways on them to keep them safe, to succeed in life and the commonly stated, not to repeat your 'mistakes'.

However your child has his or her own personal destiny, which consists of their own life lessons chosen at birth. The best support you can give your child is: your presence, acceptance and unconditional love, instead of trying to mentally raise them perfectly. Parenting is instinctual, for every child is unique in their needs.

The vision of the Soul Brilliance Retreat for your child is to build their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual foundation in accordance to their life path and keeping their Divine connections open, thus enabling them to bloom with confidence and walk their individual pathway.

Here are some aspects where this Retreat could be of service to you and your child:-

  • My child is very sensitive, spiritually inclined or empathic, and I wish to support this side of him/her but am not sure how, as this is new to me
  • My child finds it difficult to fit into life at school or find like minded friends, he/she feels isolated
  • My child can be very private and quiet, how can we develop a trusting open communication?
  • My child has strong emotions (tantrums, shouting, screaming, bullying tones) and it doesn’t do him/her any favours, how can he/she express them healthily?
  • My child doesn’t express much interest in anything, including the family. How can I pique his/her natural interest, without feeling forced?
  • I would like my child to learn physical emotional care, healthy sexuality etc. but I am shy myself or do not know how to broach this subject and would like professional assistance
  • Growth transits; menstruation etc., transiting from a teen to a young adult

How developing them holistically can benefit them:-

  • Deepening into their soul identity; getting familiar with their self identity to develop self acceptance
  • Developing trust in their intuition; trusting their instinct and responding according to timing
  • Accepting their own brilliant uniqueness; accepting their personal quirks and working hand in hand with them
  • Developing emotional mastery; empathy and self comforting skills during intense emotions of anger, disappointment
  • Cultivating self discipline; being self motivated, learning practical skills – money, cooking (*according to age )
  • Enjoying learning and going through life with an open mind, heart and perspective; curiosity instead of perfection as a motivation
  • Being comfortable with change; being adaptable in life by developing a flexible mindset

This retreat will be designed in accordance to your child’s soul path and nature. Accommodating children who may be metaphysically inclined like crystal children, able to see or communicate with the Spirit world, nature elementals, or angels. Soul Brilliance would be supportive in fine tuning those gifts while balancing Earthly living.

The gift you give when supporting your child through the Soul Brilliance retreat, is to challenge you to grow as well. Families are born together by choice, it is a contract made by all of your souls prior to this life on Earth, to heal and grow, and even the most painful upbringings offer the gift of awakening to one’s grandest potential.

You may experience feelings of resistance or a sense of losing your authority over your child, these are perfectly normal feelings, for your child’s growth does influence the people who surround them energetically. The environment has to change in order to support the new energies. Therefore you will have a monthly session with me to support your own changes.

This Retreat may not be best suited for your child if you are looking for a 'guaranteed outcome' in terms of personality change, specific moulding or healing an illness/condition. There will be energy clearings and natural plant remedy recommendations, but I am not a medical doctor hence I do not alter or interfere with your child’s medical treatment as given by their doctor.

I invite you and your child wholeheartedly to experience this experiential Retreat, to develop their foundational values based on their soul’s truth.

This is a tailored retreat for each individual child’s needs, thus I invite you to schedule a complimentary no obligation conversation with me, or simply send an email with any questions you have to, to explore the retreat syllabus offerings more deeply.

Ignite your child’s soul potential,
With all of my love,

Metaphysical Medium & Soul Transitionist

The greatest gift, you can gift your child is presence, acceptance and unconditional love

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