The Magnetic Soul

My journey into the metaphysical word, started from a young age when I was able to see and hear the Spirit world. I then graduated with a Bachelor with honours in Nursing and worked as a nurse in the operating theatre for several years. There I experienced tangible signs from the other world, while witnessing countless recovery miracles, as well as deaths.
Vivitha - The Magnetic Soul I fell very ill in my mid 20s, leaving me bed bound and modern medicine was unable to help me heal. In that state, I received profound messages from the Divine and was able to see clearer, my whole connection to the various events in my life.

After regaining my strength, I decided to polish my gifts professionally under another skilled medium & esoteric teacher. Within several years, I graduated with a diploma in Hypnotherapy, Angelic Miracles healing, Mediumship, Egyptian energy healing and Women's & Children's healing.

My area of skill is clearing difficult repetitive patterns in a person's life & anchoring them back to their destiny in life, allowing one to embrace life with clarity, peace and inner purpose. Without the unconscious patterns holding them back from their full potential.

A deep love for the animal kingdom, enables me to offer Pet Communication & Healing for living pets, and Pet Mediumship for pets who have passed on. By combining my nursing and metaphysical expertise, I bring the fine balance of science and spirituality together in my service to you.

I live in Malaysia, where I enjoy recharging myself in nature and connecting with people from around the world.

Metaphysical Medium