The Magnetic Soul

The only spirituality that works is the one that works for you.

Explore how we can co-create your life’s foundation based on your truth and vision, or reach emotional peace and acceptance towards loss, through personalised retreats, or solo sessions for you or your child.

  • Exclusively for adults
  • Discover your destiny
  • Dismantle outdated belief structures
  • Learn effective internal and external energy management and protection
  • Fine tune intuitive senses
  • Build heaven and earth connections
  • Create a personal mindfulness and self healing practice
  • Personal energy clearings and attunements
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  • Exclusively for children
  • Grow into your destiny
  • Recognise personal beliefs and parent beliefs
  • Clear past belief structures and birth trauma
  • Learn effective internal and external energy management and protection
  • Keep intuitive senses clear
  • Strengthen heaven and earth connections
  • Develop emotional, mental and physical care practices
  • Personal energy clearings and attunement
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  • For women, men and parents
  • Grief healing for the loss of your baby
  • Miscarriage, planned or medically advised abortion, illness, SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), stillborn
  • Heal adult physical, spiritual and emotional trauma
  • Communicate and return your baby’s spirit
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A Soul Energy Session brings channelled guided messages from Spirit combined with creative action, allowing you to:

  • View your challenges from a higher perspective
  • Identify and heal the root issue
  • Assimilate the wisdom from your challenges
  • Make a decision based on your true desires
  • Bring peace and healing to your mind, body and emotions
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