The Magnetic Soul

Pre surgery physical soul anchoring Soul Energy Sessions, empowering you through your challenges with clarity, creativity and truth of your soul's essence.

A Soul Energy Session brings channelled guided messages from Spirit combined with creative action, allowing you to:

  • View your challenges from a higher perspective
  • Identify and heal the root issue
  • Assimilate the wisdom from your challenges
  • Make a decision based on your true desires
  • Bring peace and healing to your mind, body and emotions

Challenges happen for a reason, mostly to encourage us to break barriers to move past our comfort zones and propel us towards a whole new way of living, as well as encouraging a deep sense of healing within ourselves.

It can be challenging to gain clarity when you are deeply involved mentally or emotionally in your situation.

Our best decisions come from a clear heart space, when we allow our mental limitations and small desires to melt away, to make way for our soul's truth, to lead our way.

Every challenge awakens you to your power

The only way through, is literally through it and when your decisions come from a place of clarity, you will recognise you are truly supported in life.

How do I work with you through powerful inner and outer energy processes, to discover your own unique solution to your life experiences?

  • Tuning into your Soul Essence and bringing forth channelled messages from Spirit with your divine guides, to you
  • Inner alchemy, identifying and clearing the energy blocks within your energy fields and restoring your vibrant energies, through Divine source
  • Outer alchemy, relevant mind and body action practices which can further support your journey, from my expertise which is relevant to you

Alchemy is simply, shifting the current state to another favourable state.

"I was slightly nervous about the karmic release session as I wasn't sure what to expect, but Vivitha instantly made me feel perfectly at ease, she constantly made sure I knew what was going to happen, and welcomed questions. This session sounded like something I needed, but the experience went above and beyond. She was spot on about so many things, some of which have made me see myself in a completely new but also very fitting light.

She has continued to support me with follow up notes and how to make the most of the session, and move things in the direction I am hoping for. I came away feeling light, refreshed, and hopeful, and believing Vivitha truly has a very special energy, as she is very careful and thoughtful about the metaphysical work she does. I couldn't have asked for a better first experience."
- R. George

Here are a few examples, of life events which could benefit from combining energy healing and practical earthly action.

Career and Business

  • A business or career which is not going according to desired plans, from your partnerships, colleagues, to monetary issues, where you would like to change it
  • Desiring to embark on a new journey and would like to have a greater depth of clarity of your life path possibilities


  • As a parent you feel a disconnection or a state of disharmony between you and your child. Where you would like to restore the communication, intellectual or an intimacy gap, by understanding and healing your soul relationship
  • Your child is going through a difficult life experience and you need an independent neutral, adult presence to assist them


  • Bringing healing and acceptance to your health challenges
  • Pre surgery Soul Anchoring before major surgery, to help anchor your psychical body within a calm mind, inner strength and feeling into your pain to assist in assimilating your wisdom from this illness

Light Workers and Holistic Practioners and Personal Soul Healing

  • Healing and gaining clarity on a repetitive pattern occurring in your life, through karmic contract changes
  • Clearing the residual trauma from a painful past experience, by returning your lost power back to your soul
  • Developing a deeper affirmative relationship with your life path, by refining your intuition and strengthening your energy centres through energy attunments

I look forward in empowering you and your child, through your soul's journey.

Join me here to book your session and work with me, I will contact you to set your time and date.

At times we may not be the best suited in addressing your concerns, therefore in my highest integrity and knowledge, I would give you other possible avenues.

I welcome you to send any questions you have to

With all of my love,

Metaphysical Medium

"The first thing that strikes you about her is her soothing, sweet and calm voice. The words uttered by her are effortless, it appears to come from a different space. Though our first interaction was through a live feed online session, I felt she was communicating with me on a personal individual level. We connected within hours and fixed up to do a 1-2-1 the following day, and so it happened.

What happened with each passing day after the session says a lot about what transpired in the session. What I received was not just temporary support but a deep rooted change from within, the impact of which I now realise will (thankfully) stay with me forever. I asked for support with a relationship with another, and (re)discovered a relationship with myself. Words can't capture enough of what was received by me, through her. But I will say, the answer lies in the experience."
- L. Anirudh

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