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Pre surgery physical soul anchoring Welcome to the Magnetic Soul, Solo Soul Sessions for adults, teens and children who are keen on exploring a specific situation in their life, further developing a skill or pre-surgery physical soul anchoring.

Situations happen for a reason, mostly to encourage us to break barriers and move past our comfort zones, to propel us towards a whole new way of living, or encourage deep healing within ourselves.

Wherever you are right now in your life, being present with what is occurring or has occurred is the first step to unravelling the emotional ties to the situation, and this enables clarity to start emerging.

The only way to it, is through it.

Example of situations:-


  • A business which is not going according to desired plans, in terms of revenue, partnerships, collaborations or management.
  • You are halfway through a course or career, and you feel it is not your desired path any longer. But you feel unsure of your true desires, or you may have an inkling of your new desires and would like to gain clarity on the possibilities


  • As a parent you feel a gap between you and your child. It can be a communication, intellectual or an intimacy gap which you would like to restore by understanding them and yourself better
  • Your child, teenager or young adult is going through a difficult period in their lives where they are not confiding in you, or what they are going through is not a topic you are well versed in (sensitive children, boundaries) and would like an independent adult to address this with them


  • You would like to understand the emotional aspect or origin of your long term illness (autoimmune disease etc) bringing emotional healing and also addressing physical healing through nature based support (diet and herbs)
  • You or your child are feeling very scared before major surgery, worrying in terms of post-operative pain, surgical wounds or lack of caregiver assistance

Life purpose

  • You have done a lot of soul work, you are happy with where you are and would love to further affirm your journey, by strengthening a certain aspect. This could be effective energy protection and clearing or integrating certain elusive parts of a present life situation

How Soul Sessions approaches the situation

  • Identifying the root issues
  • Feeling into the emotional context
  • Co-creating a relevant action plan with you
  • Integrating it energetically
  • *For pre-surgery - it is a physical–soul anchoring healing, designed to hold your Spirit in your physical form. Fear tends to disconnect our emotions from our body, which can slow down post surgery healing. By being fully present within your body, even through the pain, allows emotions to arise which can be crucial keys to your next transformation

Is one session enough to address the situation?

In my honest opinion and with the highest integrity, I offer you my professional expertise. At times it may not be straight forward to reach a conclusion, as more than one aspect will need addressing. This is also an energetic alignment, and the process would depend on how ready your soul is to explore further in accordance with Divine timing.

In this instance I would inform you during the session if this issue needs further exploration, or if you are entirely suited to another form of care, suggesting the person or modality which might be best suited to assist you.

I look forward in assisting you in empowering yourself.

I welcome you to schedule a complimentary no obligation conversation with me, or simply send an email with any questions you have to
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With all of my love,

Metaphysical medium and Soul Transitionist

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